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Berk Composites saddle Hlod

Berk Composites saddle Hlod

We know that you haven’t hear from us for a while. We have a good reason for that. Among regular overwhelming workload, developing our wheelset and cycling shoes, we finished our new saddle model. It still doesn’t have a name yet, however we accept suggestions. For now we’re calling it HLOD. This model is slightly more comfortable due to the more flexible seat surface and little wider sitting area. For those two reasons the new model saddle takes vibrations from the road more efficiently and therefore fatigue come later from sitting on stiffer and narrower saddles. All in all this carbon new model saddle is not one of stiff and completely unusable in longer rides. New saddle model appears in two versions. As you can see on the photo there is a 3K plain gloss saddle and an UD matte.

Berk Composites saddle Hlod

Berk Composites saddle Hlod



Full carbon saddle weights 75g and it will cost you 245€. Second version with padding is slightly heavier with 95g and it will cost you 220€. Of course you can choose padding colours and fabric. With that the price varies.

If you are on a heavier side yourself you should take in consideration that standard saddle rails is for max 85kg. But on request we can provide oval saddle rails are possible, 9x7mm (+18eur and cca. 7g more weight)

We are already taking orders on and on our shop:Click here

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