Berk Composites guarantees its products against material and/or manufacturing defects for twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase, with the exception of consumable parts or parts subject to deterioration: the tax receipt issued by the authorised dealer constitutes proof of purchase. The defective product can be repaired or replaced by Berk Composites within this period if the defect is not due to negligence, improper use or incorrect installation. Berk Composites hereby declares that the product introduced on the market has been checked and tested and is free from aesthetic imperfections marring the surface, finishes and/or overall appearance that were evident or at least identifiable at the time of purchase, or that were caused by damages during shipment or transport. The presence of any minor imperfections must be considered normal, as the product is handmade. Failure to observe the indications specified in this manual shall void the warranty: in such case, Berk Composites shall not be held liable for any damages to objects or harm to people that may occur. The warranty is offered solely to the original purchaser and cannot be extended to third parties. This warranty does not affect any other rights protected by national (Slovenian) laws regarding consumer goods, which the customer is always entitled to assert.