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Berk Composites was picked by EU Funding for developing new type of carbon wheelset (Slovenian text)
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Berk Composites new saddle model is here

Berk Integrated road bike handlebars, TT handlebars and seatposts

Have, you ever really wanted to get your bike lighter, more comfortable and all in all better looking? Scrolling trough all kind of cheap and unsafe carbon we wanted to give you an opportunity to get safe and high quality products. Watching BBC documentary about dangers of cheap replicas from China, we went straight to the drawing board and came up with 3 integrated beauties.

Road bike handlebars named SRP

For couple of years we were offering you to send us your own stem and handlebars so that we could put those together and give it to you back as a integrated handlebars. It worked totally fine until we figure that we could produce integrated handlebars as one piece. Therefore we came up with integrated handlebars called SRP.  The benefits of having one is obvious. At 265 grams (for 420mm wide handlebars and 120 mm integrated stem) you’ll get one of the lightest integrated handlebars that are safe to. That feeling of
being safe you’ll get as soon you’ll ridden your bike. Handlebars are really stiff. There isn’t any sign of that squishy and wobbly fe-

Berk Composites Integrated Stem and Handlebar Combo

eling that you get when riding cheap replicas. Because of SRP stiffness you’ll get better response of your bike. Meaning, when cornering you could really “step on your bike” so that your racing machine will ride you trough the corner at high speed, and you won’t have a feeling that you’ll end up with some part of the handlebars in you hand.

So all in all like all Berk Composites, SRP itself is based on mantra of high quality, lightweight, stiffness and most important safety.

Handmade integrated TT handlebars named KOSA

We are always listening about aero when there is TT day on any of the three big tours. Although we have to agree with the science behind that we have to emphasise the fact that YOU  have to be aero not just your TT or triathlon bike. Because everyone is differently build, has a different posture on the bike or just ride differently YOU have to adapt to the rigorous UCI regulations and at the end aerophysics. Regularly the cheapest way to fix your TT posture is with a basebar and TT clip-ons. Which is perfectly fine. But if you’re serious about the sport (time trial or triathlon) and you want to be on top of everything, than you’ll have to have an integrated custom made time trial handlebars. We at Berk Composites gave a great thought about that. We came up with full AERO time trial handlebars named KOSA.

Like SRP the KOSA is fully integrated and made by customer demands. So it is more aerodynamic for customers type of posture on the bike. So far this kind luxury was given just to the best time trialists on the world. KOSA represents that pro-level bike parts with its stiffness, lightweight (550 grams) and high qual

Integrated seatpost named MOTIKA

Like KOSA and SRP, MOTIKA was developed with the same philosophy of high-end products. Because you’ll get rid of all the bolts, rails and all the extra material on you integrated seatpost, you’ll get very very light and stiff outcome.



MOTIKA will give your ride a very stable and comfortable feeling because it will absorb all the vibrations from the road. We even thought about the riders that are maybe on a heavy side. So in that case you can order reinforced version.

Integrations means quality and durability

If we quickly sum up the obvious. Our new line of integrated products is based on one simple philosophy of high quality products that are handmade specially for the customer and its needs. Integration of all Berk Composites products means that they will last a lifetime and won’t give up under normal stress.


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