It’s all about Integrated

triathlon handlebars

Integrated road bike handlebars, TT handlebars and seatposts Have, you ever really wanted to get your bike lighter, more comfortable and all in all better looking? Scrolling trough all kind of cheap and unsafe carbon we wanted to give you an opportunity to get safe and high quality products. Watching…

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New Paint Job for this year’s summer

Custommade deep blue paint job

Berk special Deep Blue Paint Job After all the deadlines that we had to chase for the first part of the year, we gave ourself some artistic challenges to take our minds of the stress. So we’ve experimented with couple of versions and we came up with custom paint job…

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Berk KOSA time trial and triathlon handlebars

custom triathlon handlebars

Berk just became aero with is own full time trial and triathlon handlebars According to wind tunnel experiments you should get your own time trial and triathlon handlebars. They are the second most important component in the TT and triathlon equipment (the first is the TT suit). So therefore we went to…

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Berk Composites new saddle model

new saddle

Berk Composites new saddle model is here We know that you haven’t hear from us for a while. We have a good reason for that. Among regular overwhelming workload, developing our wheelset and cycling shoes, we finished our new saddle model. It still doesn’t have a name yet, however we accept suggestions.…

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Berk Road Bike With Disc Brakes

berk road bike disc

Berk Composites custom road bike with disc brakes with ISP and saddle/seatpost combo was build last week. This is how we think a road disc frame should look like. What do you think? Would you change anything? Please wait for detailed specifications of the whole bike. And thanks goes to…

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Our 3rd vacuum pump for our monocoque frames

berk handmade bike

Our 3rd vacuum pump for our monocoque frames … is a result of our steady company growth. Because we’re in the middle of our first collection of monocoque road bike frames, we needed some extra vacuum pumps. We expect our first demo monocoque road bike frame collection at the end…

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Berk Blue road bike exceeds expectations

Berk Blue road bike

Our happy customer from US got his Christmas present little earlier this year. Event though some people would say that this bike looks “heavy” it is everything but that. Berk Blue frame weights little less than 850 grams. Dedacciai (340grams) fork makes this beauty the perfect road bike beast. And…

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Berk Composites Saddle

Check out how other media sees Berk Saddles. We are very proud about any media recognition, because it is a prove that we’re on the right track. What do you think about Berk saddles?

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