Berk Composites Cycling Products that are made for general population

We are focusing on a new mission to spread our more affordable cycling products to general population. Due to high cost of manufacturing and developing custom-made products we began to manufacture high-end handmade productsThe only two differences between custom-made and so called regular products is the manufacture process and consequently the price.

For several products we already have “in-molds”. So that’s why the costs of these products are lower. The second thing that is different is that regular products come in limited sizes and carbon finishes, whereas custom-made cycling products have limitless options of colours, sizes, finishes, etc.

Nevertheless, even the regular regular products are giving you a wide collection of high-end, handmade and more affordable Berk Composites bike products that will last you a lifetime.

So check them out as soon as possible, because cycling season 2017 has already started!