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There are carbon framesets and there are Berk Composites custom made and handmade carbon framesets
Berk Composite handmade carbon frameset are something that only true cycling enthusiasts will understand.  Berk custom made frameset is among the lightest out there, furthermore they are one of the stiffest. At Berk Composites we gave really big focus on riding characteristics. Meaning that our handmade carbon frameset goes in the corners like the best “crit bikes” due to the low head tube. Because its sloping geometry (and its well design back triangle) the riding experience is smooth. Renown  for its lightweight and stiffness Berk handmade carbon frameset will never ever let you down on any uphill.
There are no limits on any wish about handmade carbon frameset
For the reason that you are buying Berk handmade carbon frameset, we had to step up our game. That means that every size of the bike is possible. Even colours are in the zone of limitless options. We can offer 27.2 mm seatpost width, internal or external cable routing if you want that old look. Our framsets are usually made for PF BB30 bottom bracket. However we can make even BSA bottom bracket.
Special wishes on every handmade carbon frameset are done for that little bit more
On request we can also offer Integrated Seatpost i.e. ISP (+200eur). We can even offer disc brakes (+200eur) on every handmade carbon frameset.
Made in Slovenia with care and quality
All the tubes are custom made from best quality carbon fiber Toray T1000 and M40J, laminated at our facility, 100% made in Slovenia. Every Berk handmade carbon frameset weighs from 650g to 890g it depends on the size/specifications and paintjob. Possible with THM Scapula CT fork
For our Berk handmade carbon frameset you will have to wait
Like for good thing you will have to wait for custom made carbon frameset for at least 4 moths. We know it is a long time, but first of all it is worth it. Second of all you have to take in consideration the fact that it is fully handmade. So it takes time.

For more, you can write to us.

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