Berk Integrated Stem and Handlebar Combo

Berk Integrated Stem and Handlebar Combo

Berk Composites is one of a few carbonfiber bikebuilders that can offer you fully personalised handmade Integrated Stem and Handlebar Combo.


Srp as the best option of stem and handlebar combo

All in all, in regular manner we produce SRP as our pride of stem and handlebar integration. Its best features are weight and stiffness. You can even chose between various options of width, length of stem and carbon finish.

For our Berk handmade integrated Stem and Handlebar you will have to wait

Like for good thing you will have to wait for custom made integrated Stem and Handlebar for at least 1-2 moths. We know it is a long time, but first of all it is worth it. Second of all you have to take in consideration the fact that it is fully handmade. So it takes time.

For more, you can write to us.

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