Berk handmade carbon-leather vintage cycling shoes Sito
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Berk cycling shoes Sito

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Berk handmade carbon-leather vintage cycling shoes Sito

Berk Composites  is moving on another level of custom-made carbon cycling parts. For a while we were developing our first Berk vintage cycling shoes named Sito. It took us almost a year to come up with an end-product. Mainly because we wanted to be sure that shoes are durable, comfortable and would allround road cycling shoes with semi-vintage look.

Developing cycling shoes Sito

Our cycling shoes Sito are designed and developed in close cooperation with shoe specialists. We gave a special attention to integrated sole that gives Sito that awesome stability. Meaning that the shoes won’t bend, teherefore every pedal will count.

Ergonomics of Sito

If we would have to point out the best feature of Site, it would be its ergonomics that is guaranteed by that integrated sole. Because the ergonomic shape and the process of how the shoe is made, you won’t need to add a shoe sole, unless you want to. Our main focus was comfort, low weight and extremely good ventilation, mounted on our carbon sole.

Sito is still all about the Weight

So we presented everything about the developement and look of our vintage cycling shoes Sito. But still they are a weightwinne. Meaning that the weight for a shoe is cca. 175g (size 42) per shoe with the special integrated shoe sole.

To point out the obvious check this;  references with high-end comparable shoes


“The look” of Sito

As you can notice in the gallery, we went with that vintage outlook, where shoelaces are “a must”. Because in the past everything was made of leather we wanted to mimic the same style. However every light leather can stretch, we used better syntetic materials that are more suitable for sports wear. All in all we would like to believe that the outlook is quite vintage with that “up to date” touch. Do you agree?

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