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Berk Lupina Padded saddle 132mm/150mm
Giro d’Italia saddle Special Berk Edition Combo

TDF saddle Special Berk Edition Combo

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TDF Special Berk Edition Combo ia a Berk Lupina TDF special edition Padded Handmade Carbon Saddle Combo. It is our first dedication to honor the start of TDF. The TDF combo contains  a full carbon road bicycle saddle, custom made bartape and carbon handmade barplugs. That means that you will get a fully EU made, handmade and custommade TDF combo. The TDF saddle itself is based on Berk Lupina Handmade Carbon Saddle that is also fully handmade in Slovenia (EU) by Berk-Composites that is bound to all EU high standards.

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Look: padded

Width: 132mm / 150mm

Length: 275mm

Max. rider weight: 100kg

Weight of the 132mm saddle: cca. 90g

Weight of the 150mm saddle: cca. 95g

Rails: Oval 7x9mm


132mm, 150mm