Custom handmade carbon bike parts

Berk Composites is a company of cycling enthusiasts.

Berk composites is company involved in manufacturing bike carbon parts seatpost, saddle/seatpost integrated combos, saddles and last but not least we manufacture one of the lightest bike frames around. We take a great pride in presenting most wanted custom made framesets on the market. And by “custom made”, we mean that no material, shape, colour, etc. is an obstacle.

Jure Berk

Jure Berk started as a professional bike racer and went on building bikes

Jure Berk had a dream an that dream came true. In 2009 Jure made his first carbon fiber bike. From his young age Jure Berk was into model building and mixing his life with bike racing, there was a logical end to this story. Already as a youngster, Jure showed a lot of potential. So he gathered a small but efficient team around him in order to develop and produce their own high quality carbon components.

Jure Berk story

Jure Berk carbon

Jure started to model carbon fiber early in his life. He started when he was still attending primary school, when he and his friend produced rockets. His friend worked on propulsion components and Jure on the body of a rocket, which had a shape of a bike frame tube. Those experiences he applies still today. After the two found out that the missiles are quite dangerous, Jure decided to focus on modeling carbon fiber for cycling purposes. Jure was a professional cyclist, racing for a Slovenian pro continental team Radenska. At the beginning he he financed his endeavors with scholarship and cycling salary. Most of his work when he was still a teenager was published on Weightweenies he became widely known with his one piece seatpost/saddle integrated combo.

Help by Andraž Vehovar

Shortly at the age of 15 (when he was still riding for Radenska team) he manufactured his first carbon bottle cage after that he made seatpost and a manufacturer was born. After a short venture into the world of professional cycling, Jure ended his career and started to pursue a career in cycling carbon parts manufacturing industry.

Berk Vehovar

Berk Vehovar

He teamed up with his great friend and retired Olympic silver medalist Dr. Andraž Vehovar. After years of cycling together they decided to join forces so they created a larger company, Berk-Vehovar Composites LLC. Before Jure even started with modeling composites, Andraž already collaborated with companies and constructed, tested and designed his own canoe.

Berk composites team

Some of you might know us thanks to Weightweenies and the topic where Jure started to post all his carbon work as a teenager.
As a cyclist Jure started to work on bicycle parts. At the age of 19 he already started his own company, of course after years of different experiments, prototypes,…all that time he was also a cyclist at team Radenska Rog, but later decided to rather study mechanical engineering and invest more time into composite engineering.

Handmade in Slovenia Berk

In 2013 he decided to move forward, so he created a larger company with Andraž Vehovar, his great friend who also already worked in the composite industry. They met years ago thanks to Jure’s former trainer Andrej Hauptman, when he still raced as a professional cyclists. They cycled together for years and realized that they can reach a lot more if they work together. Berk is Jure’s surname and our brand only for bicycle parts. We produce also other carbon parts on request.

Andraž brings his valuable experience to R&D and it goes without saying that all our parts are made in-house.

Andraž has a PhD in Chemistry, and he is also a great sportsman, a former slalom canoer and a silver medalist at the 1996 Summer Olympic games in Atlanta.

Our team is slowly growing. We teamed up with another cyclist, full of passion – Aleš Arnež. He is an architect and a former street artist, and he is the guy who is responsible fort he finish of our products, airbrush paintings, etc.

Our very important partner is also GorjupDesign, the best designer for complex carbon moulds/parts, the guy who can put our ideas into reality. With GorjupDesign we are also working on different projects, more about him at

The photo was made for PlayBoy Slovenia, special thanks to Uros Podlogar Photography for the photo.
We are giving our best and will continue to improve also in the future, thanks for your attention!