Berk Lupina Padded 132mm/150mm




Berk Lupina Padded Carbon Saddle

Berk Lupina Handmade Padded Carbon Saddle is a full carbon road bicycle saddle. That means that saddle rails are also made from string carbon cord. Berk Lupina Handmade Carbon Saddle is fully handmade in Slovenia (EU) by Berk-Composites that is bound to all EU high standards. We produce Berk Lupina Handmade Carbon Saddle. Please contact us for more details or any special requests.

Because of the quality itself you’ll have to wait for your saddle from 2-3 work days.

Look: gloss / matte

Weight: for 132mm is 99g (for 150mm +5g)

Width: 132mm / 150mm

Max. rider weight: 100kg

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Teža 0.5 kg


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