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Warranty begins with the date of shipment sent. The seller by the manufacturer guarantee for quality of operation in Warranty conditions in which the seller will fix any mistakes or non working issues on the item itself made by factory mistake or mistake in materials or manufacturing process. Service and spare parts are guaranteed for at least 3 years after the Warranty ends.

If the warranty repair would take more than 10 days while the item is still in the warranty conditions, than the Warranty itself would be prolonged for the number of days the item was in service. If the item could not be repaired in 45 days, the client could demand an item exchange or money back.

Warranty is not valid if the item is non operable beacuse of:

service in non authorized repair shop
installing new parts or tuning
not following user manuals
physical damages
higher force ( lightening, flood, etc.)
natural wear out is excluded from warranty
not appropriate use or load


In some very few cases it could happen that the ordered item is not on stock even if showed on stock during ordering process. We ask for your understanding and patience ! We will immediately inform you about this and will try to find the best solution !


Please note that this is a live store and for such all received orders will be treated as real orders and will be shipped out accordingly. You can cancel your order at any time from placing an order and receiving an email that your order has been processed or the goods were shipped out.


If you think that the parcel was damaged during delivery, you have to check the received goods immediately after getting the package ( if possible while delivery person is still present. All later reclamations are usually not taken in consideration by currier service. Write down all anomalies regarding the delivery of package or the package itself. The delivery person have to sign your reclamations.
Be specially careful with parcels labeled as GLASS, DO NOT BRAKE and similar. All “coin” or “glass” noises from the box could mean that the inside of the parcel is in some way damaged.
Best way of documenting the broken parcel is to take pictures while opening the parcel.


In compliancy with the law of Consumer Protection Act in Slovenia, you can return the ordered goods without any reason. If you want to return the goods you ordered, please notify us within 15 days ( send an email to: info@berk-composites.com ), after doing so, you have 30 days to return the goods.

Returned goods must not be damaged in any way and must be returned in same quantity as ordered and in original package. The return delivery fees are on behalf of the customer.

For the returned goods you can get you money back. We will refund your money in 15 days after getting the goods back on customers personal bank account or on company account if a client would be a company.


Buyer can claim back the item if the item doesn’t have all the attributes as described in item description, if the seller would shipp out wrong goods, or in wrong quantity or color or if the item delivered somehow doesn’t fit in cbuyer’s order.

Buyer can claim back goods in 8 days after the purchase and can demand an immediate exchange for a new product.

In case of claiming goods back, the buyer can in compliancy with the law demand for item exchange, item repair or money back.

Buyer can return the claimed goods in the following way:
– to bring it in person in our office
– send the goods back on seller’s expenses, but only if it’s agreed in advance with the seller! We will not accept any buy back parcels if it’s not agreed in advance !


Company Berk Composites will ensure that all accepted orders will be processed in shortest possible time. You will receive an email for every change in your order status, just to keep you informed.
Company Berk Composites, can reject any received order if it finds that the order could not be processed. If that happens, we will thorougly inform you why this happened and will help you find a common solution.

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