What do we do?

Berk is all about light weight carbon bike parts

Berk Composites is all about classy and high tech carbon frames and other carbon bike parts. Even though Berk composites stands for class, high technology, quality, light weight, stiffness, handmade, custom design road bike frames and every part for that frame that you could possibly imagine, we as a young team are also work in progress. At this moment we are developing our carbon lightweight cycling shoe which will later be a base for a cycling power meter. Our mantra is to be proactive and minded, the rest will follow.


We are developing products in several areas, but our heart is in cycling

Custom frameset

We take great pride in presenting most wanted custom made framesets on the market. And by “custom made”, we mean that no material, shape, colour, etc. is an obstacle. Best features of our handmade bike frame are stiffness and light weight.

berk handmade bike

berk handmade bike



Berk integrated seatpost

Berk integrated seatpost is one of the lightest seatpost with integrated saddle around. Allegedly it was used by Sky Team. But that is not a shocker because with its 126 grams, who wouldn’t!

integrated seatpost



Berk Saddle

Berk Composites is establishing itself as a company that can make light cycling components. So, Berk started to make road bike saddles. The lightest road bike saddle Berk Composites made weighs only 69 and is one of the lightest in the world. Because every bike rider is different we are manufacturing a vast collection of all shapes and sizes of bike saddles. You can also chose between several colour and padding versions.

Custom Made Berk Sport Parts

Berk Custom handmade sport equipment

Berk custom handmade sport equipment

Even though Berk Composites specialises in bike parts, we can offer you other custom made sport parts. There are no limits. Without being too boustful we can tell you that we manufactured a biathlon rifle for Slovenian professional biathlete Peter Dokl. You can take a look on this nice new carbon biathlon rifle. Rifle was designed by GorjupDesign & manufactured by Berk Composites.

It goes without saying that the rifle was a really complicated thing to manufacture. These are only some of our credentials, but you got the sense of what all we are capable of manufacturing. With such projects we grew way beyond your usual “carbon bike repair shop” and became a versatile carbon fiber manufacturer.


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