Cifra – Race Number Holder



Race Number Holder A.K.A. Cifra

After making dozen of custom race cycling number holder for Team Sky  we at Berk Composites  decided to offer you that same experience of “high end” race pieces that only the best has access to.

It doesn’t matter if you attend just on those marathons /Sunday races or you compete on the Pro level. The need for pining that race number is the same. So if you give something on your appearances or you go for that weight weenie realm, than we can offer you 1,5 gram, slick looking number holder.

Because the holder is made from carbon fiber materials the possibilities of adjusting the form are endless. However for special need you should contact us and that would mean that the price will variate from the given 14€/piece.

Berk Composites Race Number Holder

Berk Composites Race Number Holder


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