It is our shorter option of our popular Lupina saddle. Althought it is shorter the saddle shell still has the saddle flex thanks to the Innegra fiber which is used in the saddle construction.

This saddle was constructed mainly for road cyclists. It is suitable for riders with average to wider hips who search for good stability on different riding positions. It has a cutout in the centre which prevents pressure on the perineum. It has T shape which offers a lot of space on the saddle nose in all riding positiuos and prevents most of the friction while pedaling. Thanks to the special carbon construction it has a lot of saddle flex which follows the body movement.

Our measurments showed that this saddle model is most suitable for road and gravel cycling. The centre of the saddle is moved slightly backwards and is suitable for riders who don’t want to have direct contact with your sitting bones. The rear part is slightly curved and provides a good support on the back of the saddle.