PLOH 143

Ploh is a new saddle model with a short design. It has a V shape which provides even pressure on the complete saddle area. It is suitable for riders with wider hips. Because the V shape it puts the sitting area slightly to the front part of the saddle, suited for riders who prefer to ride more on the front part of the saddle.

It has a “flat-flat” constructions, which adjusts to the hips and provides even pressure on sit bones. Point loads are eliminated. The saddle edges are curved and althoguh the front part is wider it prevents most of the saddle rubbing.

Our measurments showed that it is suitable for road and gravel cyclists, in some cases with a less aggressive position also for TT/Tri cyclists. In some cases it turned out as a good choice also for MTB riders with wider hips where the position is still aggressive. It is also suitable for riders with relaxed (upright) sitting position.