Berk Composites Handmade and Custom made cycling saddles are for those with fine taste

We produce 4 of our own saddles named List, HlodLupina and Lukna  in padded and unpadded versions. And because we want to offer you vast variety, we produce our saddles in 132mm and 150mm width. In addition we offer you two different versions of saddle mount; regular 7mm rails and 7X9mm oval. All our unpadded versions come in 12k, 3k, UD and Innegra finish. All of them are available in Gloss or Matte version.

Usually all our saddles are in stock. In order that a particular saddle is out of stock, it takes us 3 to 5 days to produce and ship a new one.

If you want a customized saddle, please contact us.

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